First United Methodist Church - Wausau Wisconsin
Monday, March 25, 2019
Live and Share God's Love


Deaths: We grieve this month with the loss of these members of our church or of our families,
Doris Huckbody, a long time member of our congregation, died February 16th. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends at this time, as well as our own congregation.

Savvy Seniors will meet at 11:30 am on Monday, March 4 at The Great Dane, 2305 Sherman
St. Wausau

United Methodist Women

March 13
9:30am Marry Faith Circle

March 14
3:00pm Love Hope Circle

March 23
150th Anniversary of founding of the
“Women’s Missionary Society”

March 24
6:00pm Justa Circle

March 29
Executive Committee
United Methodist Women (UMW) is a faith-based membership organization of women within The United Methodist Church. UMW members are committed to growing as disciples of Jesus Christ in community with other women and advocating on behalf of women, children and youth around the world. United Methodist Women has been in mission for more than 140 years. They are…

A community of women whose purpose is …
  • to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ
  • to develop a creative supportive fellowship
  • to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church
Once a month UMW members meet in small groups called "circles." Please consider joining us! There is probably a circle that meets your interests and schedule:

The Sunshine Gals will be taking sunshine again to two nursing facilities on the first Wednesdays of the month. If you’d like to join us with singing and sharing, please call Arlene Trull at 715.359.7756. She will give more information. They will be starting again on September 5th, and having breakfast together first.

Downtown Memory Cafe 2019 Events

January 17: “Turnin’ Wood!” Join us as we meet “woodmaster” Bob Stavran  for a wood turning demonstration!

February 21: “Antiques Roadshow!” Wondering about the value of something you own? Local expert appraiser Jim Schaefer will be here to entertain and help us figure it out!


March 21: “For Your Listening Pleasure…” Reminisce together over some Golden Age of Radio favorites like The Shadow…Roy Rogers…Tarzan and more!


April 18: “Our Story” Evoke memories at the downtown Wausau Library as we look at a history of Wausau on microfilm and in local books. Why not create a story of our own!?



May 16: “Happy 5th Birthday Downtown Memory Café!” Back by popular demand, welcome well-known ragtime piano entertainer, Jim Radloff. This promises to be a toe-tapping birthday party!


June 20 “Beauty in Sound” Local mother-daughter harpists Kirsten and Claire Hornby will melt our stress away at this Cafe!


July 18: “Picnic in the Park!” Hot dog! We will be back at River Street Park in Rothschild for a picnic under the shelter and perhaps a stroll along the river?


August 15: “Going to the Fair!” Peplin 4-H Club members will bring the fair to us with animals, vegetable judging and more!


September 19: “Little Red Schoolhouse” Anna Straub from the Marathon County Historical Society will take us on a trip back in time when we meet at Marathon Park’s one-room schoolhouse.


October 17: “Our Fine Feathered Friends” We take flight with help from The Raptor Education Group of Antigo, bringing 4 birds and what promises to be a wing-flapper of a program!


November 21: “The Apple of your Eye” Olivia Telschow from Helene’s Hilltop Orchard will provide bushels and pecks of apple fun!


December 19: “Ho Ho Ho, Who Wouldn’t Go?” Holiday-themed!


 Mark your Calendars! March 3rd!!


Combined Worship Service with Holy Communion, 9:00 a.m.

Missional Church Consultation Initiative All-Church Event, 10:30 a.m.

Sunday March 3rd will be a Special Day at First United Methodist Church of Wausau! We’ll begin with a combined worship service at 9 a.m. then after some fellowship and snacks, we’ll all sit down to learn more about what this MCCI is all about!

Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. This is your church! Plan on joining the rest of your church family for this interactive event and find out what’s ahead for all of us.

Childcare will be provided


March 9


My 14 year old son and I just returned from a trip to Guatemala with other members of our church. We learned so much about the Mission Guatemala programs (medical, nutrition, scholarship, etc.) as well as the Mayan history and culture. This was an amazing and humbling experience. We spent the middle of the week helping build La Casa del Maestro for the local teachers, but still had time on the weekend to see the local villages, visit a women’s weaving cooperative, and an artisanal ceramic shop. We could not have had a better experience. Mission Guatemala is so well organized and does so much good for the local communities. I highly recommend Mission Guatemala, and hope we can go again in a few years!!

Betsy Duginski

Random Thoughts by Mike Zahn


March 2019


It started with a simple phone call. When I heard that the Woodson YMCA was embarking on a major expansion, I called Bryan Bailey, their Executive Director. I don’t know him, but as a church neighbor, I wanted to find out about the plan. He invited me to his office the next day and excitedly showed me what they had in store. “But,” he said, “there is one particular problem we have—our day care is also expanding and we need to move out for six months until that phase is completed, and we don’t know what to do.” I thought for a moment, and wondered if I should say something. Then I said it—“well, our church building has quite a few classrooms; I don’t know if it would work, and it’s not my call, but it’s worth looking into. I’ll put you in contact with the Chair of our Executive Committee Board of Trustees.” That was about the extent of my

I am so impressed with how people from our congregation have jumped in to work on this—especially Bruce Brandenburg, Chair of Trustees, and so many others taking part to make it come together. This process has been the essence of the Breakthrough Prayer mindset. One person steps out a little in faith, and that provides an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to create a flood of goodness. Many have become the hands and feet of Christ on this YMCA project, and more will be needed. There will be a lot of work to do in preparation. This will include prayers for successful hosting, and that the families and children who come through our doors will feel welcomed and nurtured, that they will feel the love of Christ in how we treat them.

As you walk through your life today, what floodgate for God might you open?

I was at a restaurant last night and saw two teenage girls dining who had blue and pink hair. I approached them and told them how I liked their hair. I then told them when I was their age I wouldn’t have had the confidence to be myself and do that kind of thing. I told them I admired that about them. They beamed and said thank you. It was a joyful interaction that left me feeling happy.

It made me think more deeply about the self confidence it takes to be ourselves. How peaceful the world can be when we celebrate others being who they are and let go of our preconceived ideas of how they will be. Think how wonderful it would be if we committed to radically embracing ourselves and each other? What would that look like?

I think if we did this we would judge less and become more curious about each other. We could start to see more fully the beauty of the Painter’s brush upon who we really are. A song from Shrek, “Freak Flag” has a great message: “It’s time to stop hiding; It’s time to stand tall Say hey world I am different And I am here, splinters and all splinters and all”\ And later in the song it reminds us that “what makes us special makes us strong”. I am a quirky person and am going to let my “freak flag” fly a little freer. And I can’t wait to see yours flying too. You are a masterpiece.
Jen Johnson

Elevator Use

When using the elevator, please do not hold door open with hand or body. Use the “press and hold open door” button located on the panel inside the elevator.