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Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Homebound Communion

Homebound communion is a service our church has provided for shut-ins over many years. Prior to the pandemic months, it was offered with the help of volunteers four times a year—January,April, July, and October.

Volunteers (one person, a couple, or a family) were assigned a homebound person from the church and arrangements would be made between them to deliver the communion, along with a brief visit and sharing some prayer time, such as with the breakthrough prayer. With things opening up again in our community, it would be good to get the communion service back out there for those who would like to have it. There may still be restrictions in place at some senior facilities as far as allowing visitors, but some people could start receiving homebound communion in July if we have the volunteers in place and if we are able to access our members where they reside.

Volunteers do need to be fully vaccinated in order to participate in this service. It may be that some of our homebound members who would like to receive communion are not vaccinated, but masks and social distancing could still be put in place if they would like to have communion delivered safely. If you are homebound, or know of a member who is homebound, and you/they would like to receive this communion service, please let Joan know in the church office. If you are willing to be partnered with a homebound member for delivery of this service four times a year, please contact Joan in the church office, or contact Bonnie Goertz at 715-359-9871 or An hour or so of your time for each visit is so worthwhile and so welcome to our members who cannot be in church for communion themselves.

Family Camp will be July 16-18 at Pine Lake’s Wildwood Campground this summer.

The cost is $70 per camper vehicle and $35 per tent. A deposit of $35 for camper vehicles and $20 for tents is due by June 13. Contact Martie Pahris at the church office, 715-842-2201 or Dan and Jen Marzu.

Everyone is welcome! Make plans now to be a part of this fun-filled weekend.

Random Thoughts

by Mike Zahn
June 2021
Christian Conferencing
People in all walks of life have conferences.We humans occasionally get together, beyond our normal routines, to meet about things of mutual interest.
I’ve gone to conferences of all sorts, in various forms: I’ve attended hospitality suites, dinners, champagne breakfasts, break-out seminars, speakers, panel discussions, trade shows, and enjoyed casual but often productive conversation between meetings.I’ve also carved out alone time to reflect and process all the learning and charge my personal batteries in between all this people interaction.
Conferences are good.Sometimes in your every day life, you feel like you’re in a lonely silo, like you’re the only one who has the problems you have.It’s refreshing to get together with other like-minded people, and you find out you are not alone.We often have some of the same challenges. We have time to share our thoughts, concerns, feelings.We find out we are not alone and often come away encouraged and ready to face our old challenges with new strategies, fresh perspective, and renewed energy. I pray that these benefits are also what each of us gets from coming together each week at church.
The United Methodist Church has Annual Conferences.The Wisconsin Conference meets in late June, and this year, like last year will be virtual.While that puts a different spin on “getting together,” clergy and lay people in our Conference will still be able to meet to learn, share, study, and chart the course for the next year in our churches. Please pray for the refreshing and renewal of our pastors, leaders, and churches through this process that John Wesley called “Christian Conferencing. ”

NOTE: If you ever wonder what the United Methodist Church is all about, there is a booklet called “Therefore, Go” that explains it all! I have extra copies; let me know if you’d like one.

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Display Cases

Would you like to show us your treasures in the church display case outside the office? We would love to see it!

Artwork; Collections; Antiques; Photos; anything you would like to share.

Check out the beautiful bunny collection by Andrea Anderson currently in the display cases.

The Messenger

Our next newsletter will be a combination of late July and the month of August (7/18-8/31). If you have any articles to submit, please have those into the office by June 28th.
Thank you.

If you want to learn more about staying safe on-line here are a few links to some good information....

 A few more tips on keeping your computer safe.
Always update your operating system (Windows 10 or Apple OSX) and keep it updated by installing the Security Updates that Microsoft or Apple sends you. Both Microsoft and Apple have gotten very good at protecting your PC or Mac if you keep them updated. That means when you get a software update notifications from them you should install them, especially those that are titled Security Updates.
Consider installing some Anti-Virus software if you have not already. If you have Charter/Spectrum as your internet provider they offer  FREE Security Suite Anti-virus software to their customers. Other options are McAfee or Norton Lifelock, both involve monthly fees.
If your PC seems to be running slower than it used to you may have been infected with Malware or Adware. There's some excellent free software that can be used to scan your hard drive a find it and quarantine/remove it.
Here's the link:

Prayer CornerPrayer Corner

We grieve this month with the loss of:

Dennis Loftus, brother of Steve Loftus, who died on April 17th.

John Wergin, former member of our church, died May 22nd.

Congratulations To Our Graduates:

2020 High School
Jakob Grant - Wausau West

2020 College
Joshua Dvorak - UW Madison

2021 High School
Gianina Chang - Wausau East,
Jaden Love - Wausau West
Courtney Rohland - Marathon

2021 College
- Danielle Del Conte - Marquette University
Catherine Koss - University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Pivet Scholarship Recipient: Courtney Rohland with Joshua Dvorak, Mary Ann Dykes
Jaden Love, Courtney Rohland, Pastor Rebecca Voss, Joshua Dvorak, and Sheryl Del Conte for Danielle Del Conte


Dear Pastor Rebecca and Church Family,

Thank you for the beautiful 100th birthday card! How lovely to have a church family when I have so little of my own!

It’s amazing to be 100. Although I haven’t attended services for many years, I have kept up with FUMC activities through the Messenger and the weekly bulletins and sermons. As I prepare to exit this life, I can do so with the faith filled conviction that God has chosen a remnant to guide FUMC and Wausau into a brighter future. It was inspiring to hear of Pastor Rebecca’s plans for the creative use of underused real estate and of her visions of a reinvigorated and committed church. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this congregation.

May God bless you all and prosper your endeavors.
With love and gratitude,
Elaine Peterson

June 9 & 10, 2021 Low-cost Spay/Neuter Clinic at Wausau First United Methodist Church

You must register your pet(s) at

All prices include free rabies vaccination, nail trim and ear cleaning, as requested. Take home pain medications are included free for dogs.

• Female Dog (2-45 pounds) $200
• Male Dog (2-45 pounds) $150
• Companion Cat (male or female) $55
               Outdoor/Feral/Barn/Community Cat: $40 (w/ear tip)

With more people being vaccinated and the slight lifting  of restrictions, I have been thinking of ways that Savvy Seniors can gather again infellowship. One possibility is meeting outside, safely distanced, with a sack lunch and beverage that you provide for yourself, maybe in the church courtyard. Watch the messenger for further information. I would appreciate any feedback.You may contact me at 715-842-5344 or email

The Downtown Memory CafeĢ continues to brighten days in the lives of our participants and their care partners. In May, we partnered with the Center for Visual Arts. They painted colorful garden pots which were then planted by Master Gardeners with our participants' choice of radish, bean or flowers.

Nancy Turner (featured) coordinated deliveries and subsequent porch visits! Shouts of thanks to volunteers Maggie Schoenfeld, Rosie Hanke and our delivery crew, a mystery at the time of this writing...:)
Maggie Schoenfeld

If you would like to order SCRIP and know what you want, please contact Martie at the office,

Please Consider Helping

Since this coronavirus emergency began, First  Church has been sending weekly connections messages via email and USPS mail to say that  “We’re here for you” and to remind us that church is we are and what we do rather than a building.

Being good stewards of our resources, we had not  budgeted postage costs for communications during  a pandemic. If you are able to contribute toward  these costs, please consider doing so.

The Sunshine Gals loved taking their warmth to the residents at The Gardens and Mount View Care Center the past years. We have spread our sunshine with music, sharing readings and our thoughts, adding laughter and smiles, conversing with memories, and showing our care through our handshakes. We have become good friends with the common cause of spreading love.

If you would like to join us and take part in this ministry of our church, we would truly welcome you!!! Please call me if you have questions at 715.359.7756.

Arlene Trull