First United Methodist Church - Wausau Wisconsin
Sunday, October 21, 2018
Live and Share God's Love


Here at First United Methodist Church, a person has all sorts of ways to serve – inside the building and in the wider communities, with indoor quiet work, with tasks that involve sweat equity. There are ways for each person to contribute to building God’s realm on earth. Below are just a few of the ways.
The Worship Design Ministry Team prayerfully assists the pastor and music director with some of the planning of the worship services for the congregation. We give feedback on what things worked (or didn't work so well) and where the worship experience could be improved.

We realize that worship is experienced in many ways, depending on the personal backgrounds of the church-goers and, most importantly, that the worship service is for sharing the Good News!

And so we offer suggestions and lead activities for special worship like Messy Church or Church in the courtyard or inter-generational activities. We plan and prepare some of the visual effects that you may have noticed during Advent or Lent and have coordinated skits or dramas in the past. At our meetings, the team prays, listens, shares thoughts and ideas and then waits for the Holy Spirit to nudge us with an answer. The Spirit must have a sense of humor because out of our laughter and prayers there often comes a creative, innovative idea to use in worship that may bring others closer to God.

Crop Walk 2018

Did you know that malnutrition is an underlying cause of death for 3.5 million children each year? That’s about one-third of all child deaths in the world.

Factors contributing to this malnutrition are many; drought and disaster that decimate crops, lack of clean water, poor sanitation and hygiene, rising food prices, to name a few. When we walk in CROP Hunger Walk or donate funds, we’re providing micronutrients that support better health and development. We’re helping communities gain access to safe water and are giving families the tools and training to grow or buy nutritious food. We help families here in Marathon County and around the world. Contact Margaret Getzin to sign up to walk. Visit for more information.
Office Caretakers. Can you sit in a chair? Are you able to talk on the phone? Then pray about joining the church staff for a couple of hours each week or month in the church office.

Our administrative assistance works from 8:30 to 1:30. After that we count on servants from the church to be present to answer phone calls and direct inquiries. This could be the ministry God is calling you to join!
…the Human One didn’t come to be served but rather to serve and to give his life to liberate many people.

 Mark 10:45

Sanctuary or Chapel Steward. Are you someone who likes to have everything in order? Do you care about Sunday morning worship and look forward to it each week? Do you perhaps feel a tug on your heart to make sure that our worship space is at its best for the Big Day? Then you may be called to serve as a Worship Space Steward.

Have you thought of helping as a volunteer at your local school? Or at the Women’s Community? Or at The Open Door? Or at any other of the many agencies in our communities? Maybe you have an idea of your own… God calls us to a variety of ministries. Some of them are with or through the church. Many are not. Pray about where God would lead you. Then step out. It can be intimidating at first, but the satisfaction is priceless.